Tone Stack Calculator

Tone Stack Calculator 1.4

Checks out the design and response curves of a variety of tone stacks

To check out the response curves (and the design) of tone stacks used in guitar amplifiers like Fender, Vox, Marshall and Big Muff types, Tone Stack Calculator may be just the tool you need. When launched, the program displays an easy-to-navigate interface that includes seven tabs for a variety of tone stack types. Selecting the tab for a guitar amplifier that you are interested in will display the results for that particular tone stack.

Slide controls can be adjusted for Bass, Mid and Treble, and the changes you make will be reflected in the response trace displayed in the plot in real time. From the Plot menu, you can change the color setting of the trace displayed. The Sweep function button prompts the program to produce an example of min/mid/max for each control, and pressing the Clear button returns the response display. In the left section the components graphic is displayed. Clicking on any of these components will allow you to change the values of resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, etc. Graphical results can be printed out and saved and the program allows you to freeze and take snapshots of up to 12 traces that can be overlaid.

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